woodpeckers, jays, swallows and soon cuckoos…

My dog and I were walking on Bickerton Hill yesterday and I heard a woodpecker there for the first time this year; had been hearing them quite often nearer to home in the nature reserve. Today, walking at Grinshill in Corbett Wood I saw a jay, one of my favourites. I think I’ve seen a swallow or two or few on Prees Common this last week, but may be mistaken.

Have you come across Matt Sewell’s books, I’ve blogged about this book before – ‘Spotting and Jotting Guide’ and it’s lovely. Not your ordinary twitchers handbook of course, more characterisation.

Been missing my weekly yoga class over the Easter period and eager to resume soon. Somehow it is no where near as good as when in Paula Smith’s class, she is a wonderful Hatha Yoga instructor. I’ve also blogged about her before. I am rather boring, I like the same things pretty much all the time!