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Like a lot of people who are artistic and creative I was born that way but not talented nor fortunate enough to live that way. During the early 2000s I trained in traditional stained glass design and craft and found my forté. I’d studied at art college after leaving school but only after raising a family and ending another kind of career could I begin to follow my heart.

I was taught the old ways of going about stained glass craft and have stayed as true to them as possible – one of the reasons my craft work looks rustic and sometimes as if it was found on an archaeological dig.

I have made large leaded window panels for customers and undertaken some restoration jobs too, but over time changed to what I enjoy most, which is making engraved hanging panels. The end results are more of an art these days than a craft but that is an old debate.

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Before it flooded I worked in a linay (stable) in Somerset by the sea but am now in Shropshire on the border with Wales where the moonshine is clear and bright having toppled my way from mountains; my workshop is a wooden shack that leans precariously and keeps various four legged furry companions safe from glass and chemicals. However, a fair amount of designing and engraving goes on in a very ordinary old house concealing mystery and alchemy within…

The things I make feature hares, siskin, wolf, dandelion, fox, bats, trees, acorns, butterflies and many other subjects and natural objects from our beautiful planet. Engraving freestyle on to plain or stained glass then staining and fixing and leading or copper foiling is something I strive to perfect every time; some of the methods used are of my own devising.

I engrave with a Proxxon D-54518 power drill/grinder on recycled plain glass, which comes from various sources; the stained glass I prefer is also recycled from salvaged items; I buy materials and equipment from KANSA ; my dream is to use hand blown and rolled stained glass from English Antique Glass.