being made

orchis italica

This is an engraving ready to be framed in my usual style of stained glass segments; it is of ‘Orchis Italica’ which if you haven’t noticed lives up to its other name of ‘Naked Man Orchid’. I’m making it as a gift.

The Whitchurch Waterways Trust will hold its annual Boat Rally on the 2nd & 3rd of September 2017 and I will be having an arts and crafts stall for the whole weekend.

I will be showing scenic representations in various media, including engraved stained glass which people can commission from. Also there will be series of ACEO (Artists Cards Editions & Originals) by myself and members of a local art group run by local artist Bob Charlesworth.

two narrowboats
sketch design for engraving

These will also depict local scenes, specifically on and close to the Whitchurch Arm. ACEO are 2.5″ x 3.5″ and are a development from Artist Trading Cards. They can be in any media but usually water-colour, acrylic or oils.

I am busy producing other items – decorated varnished boxes, papier mache artifacts, handmade notebooks and small crystals on decorated silver chain which are popular with narrowboaters. I will also make some of my special marmalade. I am hoping friends will donate surplus produce from their allotments too.

dandelion 1

I saw a dandelion in full bloom yesterday, but had started to engrave this one last week.  During a walk yesterday I came across bluebells too but suspect below zero temperatures last night might have done for them.  Although dandelions are unwelcome in most gardens I’m happy to have a few; only a few mind you. There’s something I like about the happy vibrancy and shape of the leaves. Reminds me when as a child, and with my own children, how I’d go in search of young leaves to offer to pet hamsters.

march 2016 hare 1

The latest engraved hare to come into this drove.  Recently started and I aim to have her finished and up in my house by March. This is about the first layer of work, and I do bits as and when. Done freehand so I ‘feel’ the fur and body structure.

crochet 1

I think of this piece as a doodle really – I came home after a walk on the towpath having looked at a circular piece of crochet in a small round window  on a narrow boat. Whoever crocheted it did a far better job than I’m doing engraving. NB. I can’t crochet. It’s fun to do and it might develop into something. I’m still thinking about having a craft table at a forthcoming narrow boat rally locally.

siskin 1

The siskin panel is still being worked on; I had to leave it a while because I wasn’t seeing it clearly enough to develop it, but every time I come back to it I do another ten minutes or so.


fox cub 20150001


I love watching fox cubs and this is an engraved stained glass panel I recently finished. It will be simply framed in stained glass segments and leaded. I don’t think I will be able to part with this one – it was inspired by a scene witnessed on Exmoor over twenty years ago, on the road up to Raleghs Cross from the coast on a summer evening although I have watched fox cubs playing many times since.

It is engraved on 5mm thick glass that was a bathroom shelf, and measures 50cm x 10cm.




siskin 20001

A favourite bird, the siskin; I saw one for the first time last autumn from the RSPB bird hide at Lake Vyrnwy which isn’t far from me. This panel is in the early stages of being engraved and is shown here with a black background.  As I engrave the glass turns white with residue and until I stain it, it is difficult to see otherwise.

Every autumn on the Whitchurch Arm of the Llangollen Canal a rally is held – a great weekend and details are on the Whitchurch Waterway Trust website 

narrowboats 10001

I’ve recently begun looking at traditional canal arts and craft and these engraved stained glass segments are my first depicting some of the sights I see around me when walking the tow paths in the area. I am hoping to have a stall at the rally. I have a lot of work to do yet and will probably use the copper foil technique when making the completed piece.

Thinking ahead & beyond this month – water voles, long eared bat, badger, more hares, canal scenes (I’m thinking Danson’s Bridge No. 30, and traditional narrowboat art).